Snap! 6 iPhone 6 Case

So you’ve got a shiny new iPhone 6: Now what? The logical next step is probably to get a case, but what about snagging one that makes your pictures of your gorgeous girlfriend even better? The Snap! 6 case promises to do just that. No girlfriend? Take photos of other guys’ ladies! Most men really appreciate that kind of gesture. You’ll probably make new friends and stuff.

The case includes an interchangeable lens, a dedicated shutter button, hands-free strap, and an ergonomic grip that’s designed to let you easily snap one-handed pictures (we won’t ask what you’re doing with the other hand). Both macro and wide-angle lenses mean you can get those awesome close-ups or beautiful panoramic shots that are usually to tough to pull off with a smartphone camera. Pledging $35 now will get you a Snap! 6 this December. [Purchase]

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