Hure Tables

We’ll pass on eating 19th century-style food (boiled mutton, stewed oysters, various weird puddings), but dining on 21st century delicacies on a 19th century table could be cool.

Vintage Industrial’s Hure tables feature 10+ original base designs that resemble lathes—old school machines for working wood or metal, in which the piece being worked was held and rotated while a cutting tool was applied to it. Their classic Hure design with adjustable height capability uses four 3-ton crank mechanisms to adjust from 30” dining to 42” bar height. Meanwhile, the Hure Boardroom table features a huge 24′ x 5′ worn oak top, and 12 data and power ports. The 1,400 lbs. top splits into 3 tables to make it multifunctional. If you’re looking for some old-world class underneath your plates or laptop, this beats mutton any day. [Purchase]

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