HP Sport Sub 2 by U-Boat Worx

Did you know that even in the narrow category of submersibles, there’s “good enough” and then there’s “Whoa.”

This vehicle sits firmly in the latter group, as the HP Sport Sub 2 from U-Boat Worx is being billed as a “subsea-Ferrari,” and there are similarities there; most notably the candy apple red paint job and seating for two. This high-tech, lightweight, and compact craft lets you dive up to 330 feet down and see what makes the giant squid so bashful. You’ll be clipping along at 3 knots on the surface or 2 knots underwater, and the elevated freeboard and stability of the HP Sport Sub 2 means there’s no need for fancy cranes to get people in and out. That said, the craft’s weight of 4,850 lbs. makes it light enough for existing cranes to handle the launch and recovery actions. The cost? $1.35 million. [Purchase]

HP Sport Sub 2 by U-Boat Worx 2

HP Sport Sub 2 by U-Boat Worx 3

HP Sport Sub 2 by U-Boat Worx 4

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