CT Scuderia Scrambler Series

There’s something about riding a motorcycle that says “Forget you, world. I’m on my own time.” Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but when you show up for Gone Girl at 9:50, and it started at 9:20, yeah… let’s get you a watch, chief.

Here are some chronograph watches that are prefect for you from Italy’s CT Scuderia. The Scrambler series blends your love of bikes with your need for time-telling in a classically stylish way. Inspired by the café racer motorcycles of yesteryear, these beauties combine the inherent elegance of a square case design with the rugged influence of motorcycles and racing culture. Features include 12-hour quartz movement, Lumi Bright Night vision numerals, and interchangeable straps that let you pivot from leather to steel at your leisure. [Purchase]

CT Scuderia Scrambler Series 4

CT Scuderia Scrambler Series 6

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