B-bag Bartender’s Bag

Whether you’re a bartender on the go, or, perhaps more likely, a guy who just wants everyone to swoon over him when he shows up at the party, the B-bag has room for everything you need to start mixing delicious cocktails.

If it’s found behind a bar, there’s a space for it in there, including room for: bottle opener; bar-spoon; cocktail shaker; jigger; citrus press; bar board; julep strainer; corkscrew; microplane grater; conical strainer; bar whisk; Y-peeler; ice scoop, and more, as well as eight bottles of booze. A removable and adjustable insert via TrekPak means your stuff will stay safe and secure. You can get one on Kickstarter for $349, but if you’d like it to come fully stocked with all the tools inside, that’ll run you $549. [Purchase]

B-bag Bartenders Bag 2

B-bag Bartenders Bag 3

B-bag Bartenders Bag 4

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