$1.7 Million Titan Zeus 370-inch Television

Bigger is always better, and that statement certainly rings true for television screens. The team at Zeus shares our love for massive screens, and have recently released the aptly titled Titan Zeus, a 370-inch television screen.

This bad boy is packed with 65 billion colors, 4k resolution, and it tips the scales at just under a ton. The weight isn’t all that surprising considering this thing is 26 feet by 16 feet of pure awesomeness, but what is a bit surprising is the price tag. While we did expect this thing to be expensive, we didn’t expect it to be $1.7 million. Not only is this TV a complete monster, the brand also offers up solutions that are perfect for outdoor settings. We’re talking a screen bright enough to show up crystal clear in direct sunlight, and a system that’s sealed well enough to repel a bit of splashed water- so setting it up poolside is a go. [Purchase]

1 7 Million Titan Zeus 370-inch Television 2

1 7 Million Titan Zeus 370-inch Television 3

1 7 Million Titan Zeus 370-inch Television 4

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