Sexual Fitness: Ultimate Guide to Pump While You Hump

Statistics show the average person burns about 100 or so calories during sex. That means there’s some go-getter out there working off 200 calories every time we turn in a goose egg; thanks, champ! But hey, if you could work off 300 or even 400 calories, wouldn’t that beat going to the gym? Yes it would.

Sexual Fitness: The Ultimate Guide to Pump While You Hump, Tone While You Bone and Shred in the Bed promises to give you all the knowledge you need to turn your raunchy romps into muscle-making, six-pack-shaping sex sessions. Your bedroom (or kitchen, or living room, or Old Navy dressing room) becomes the gym and your partner the dumbbell with assistance from this witty reference guide. The list of sexercises certainly has us intrigued, with names like A Man A Hand A Plan, Perpendickular Lines, Eat, Pray, Hump, and Crotching Tiger Horny Dragon. Feel the yearn. [Purchase]

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