Connect Tree Tent by Tentsile

Tree tents may be all the rage these days, but let’s not forget who really helped put these things on the map. The original tree tent company is back with their latest offering in the Connect suspended camping tent.

Just like their previous models, the latest offering from Tentsile gives outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to live an arboreal lifestyle – even it is only for a few days. While these tents were designed to be set up in the trees, all Tentsile tens can also be setup on the ground as well. Each one includes a removable fly sheet for taking in nature’s sights, and the ability to connect with other “Connect” tents to create one massive super tent. Every tent is constructed from tear resistant mesh, and come complete with heavy duty industry grade buckles for maximum strength. [Purchase]

Connect Tree Tent by Tentsile 2

Connect Tree Tent by Tentsile 4

Connect Tree Tent by Tentsile 5

Connect Tree Tent by Tentsile 3

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