Casa Klotz Cabin in Chile

Every time we think we’ve seen the coolest cabins on the planet, another one hits our email inbox. If you told us we would fall in love with a box-shaped cabin, we probably wouldn’t believe you. Then again, we had yet to encounter the Casa Klotz.

Sure it may be nothing more than a giant box, but it’s absolutely stunning. The structure itself was developed and designed by Mathias Klotz back in 1991 for his mother, and is nestled in a rural area of Chile right near the beach. The home is constructed from wood that has been painted white, features 2 levels of living space, and a rear entrance ramp along with a front ramp that leads up to an awesome porch for catching some rays during the summer season.

Casa Klotz Cabin in Chile 2

Casa Klotz Cabin in Chile 3

Casa Klotz Cabin in Chile 4

Casa Klotz Cabin in Chile 5

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