Sharetapes Digital Mixtapes

There was once a time when you didn’t need a pick-up line, all you needed was the mixtape. Growing up as kids, there was no better way to get some attention from that girl you had a crush on than handing her a compilation of the most popular love songs during any given point in time. Sharetapes is bringing back that old school opportunity, but with a new school twist

Of course no one uses cassette tapes these days, hell even CDs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Everything has gone digital, but we still have nostalgic ties to the physical products. This service lets you create your own playlist, place it onto a physical Sharetape, and gift it to that special someone. It works with all of the popular platforms from Spotify to YouTube, and is compatible with virtually any smartphone thanks to the built NFC chips and QR codes. Available in several different colors, you can scoop up a 5-pack of the tapes for about $7. [Purchase]

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