The 12 Best Overwater Bungalow Vacation Spots on the Planet

What do we love most about overwater bungalow vacation spots? The morning wake up. You crawl out of bed, step outside, and cannonball off the front porch into crystal clear waters. It’s how we man-up to the morning, a return to Neanderthal living that takes us back to a time when we rose early, killed dinner with our hands, and washed the blood from our bodies in the river. Not that we’ll actually be doing any of that. Back inside, there’s room service, and you get to towel off with cottonwaffle bathrobes, which we’re guessing Neanderthals didn’t have. These are some of the lushest spots in the world, resting over turquoise lagoons and sparkling Pacific waters. From Tahiti to Dubai, from Panama to the Maldives, here are twelve of the most hedonist overwater spots on the planet for you to drool over.

Pangkor Laut Resort Malaysia

Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia

On the private island of Pangkor Laut, sea and spa villas stand on stilts above the waters of the Malaccan Straits. That’s right, stilts. Sandy anyone? Katrina? If that isn’t enough adventure, there’s a lush rainforest on the other side. Yup, stilts and jungle. But not to worry, up there in the clearing is a choice of seven restaurants, a gym, two pools, three tennis courts, a squash court, and a jet pool. If we’d known the jungle was this much fun, we’d have swung in for a visit a long time ago. For real adventure, be sure to visit during hurricane season. [Details]

Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji

Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Fiji

As mensumers, what we really mean by a romantic vacation in paradise is taking our man-cave with us. In the Likuliku Lagoon Resort, we’ve found it without moving a thing. Located over a tropical lagoon in the Mamanuca archipelago, Likuliku is Fiji’s first and only resort offering overwater bungalows, or Bures. Each Bure is tripped out with music systems, dvd, free WiFi, flat-screens, a separate bathing pavilion and views of the lagoon from the bath. It’s like having your ice cream in the tub with timeless views of unfathomable beauty and eating it too, with the flat-screen remote close by. There are only ten of these to choose from, so book early. Goodbye man-cave, hello man-tub. [Details]

Club Bali Hai

Club Bali Hai

Overwater bungalow vacations aren’t cheap. Club Bali Hai, on the Tahitian island of Moorea, has some of the best prices around. What else do we love about this tropical paradise? Authentic Tahitian atmosphere, Polynesian dance shows, and cycling, kayaking, and other island escapades are all available here. [Details]

Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge Panama

Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge Panama

According to its website, the Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge is where you can “learn to coexist with the advance systems of renewable energy…” Alternatively, you could drill a hole in your head. But then you’d miss out on the pristine waters of this tropical dolphin haven and the overwater thatched-roof villas, which look like The Pottery Barn had its hands all over Hagrid’s hut, and and then dispatched it off to a land of Caribbean sunsets. You might call it Utopia. Or Nirvana. Take your pick. [Details]

Cocoa Island by Como South Male Atoll Maldives

Cocoa Island by Como, South Male Atoll, Maldives

If you’ve ever wondered if you’d survive cast away on a desert island, we have to believe your chances are good. A stone’s throw from the southern tip of India, there’s snorkeling, a private sundeck, and steps from your villa leading straight into the lagoon. Also a full service bar serving swordfish champagne 24/7. Life is good here. Your playdate with paradise. Now if there really is such a thing as swordfish champagne, we’re not recommending it. [Details]

Misool Eco Resort Raja Ampat Indonesia

Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The resort island of Batbitim is a tropical hideaway just off the equator that combines overwater living with nighttime scuba diving over some of the world’s richest reefs. Swim, dive, snorkel with green turtles and black tip reef sharks – don’t worry, they’re babies. It’s natural living that’s innate, buried deep in our bones. Not only that, will the website girl doing yoga on the beach still be there when we arrive? [Details]

Eclypse de Mar Aqua Lodge – Panama

Eclypse de Mar Aqua Lodge – Panama

Single guys will go for the bungalows at this eco conscious resort in the Caribbean. If it’s too late and you’ve already tied the noose, you’ll likely spring for the Honeymoon Suites. Either way, you’ll experience the lodge built completely over water, solar powered electricity, and fresh water from a natural spring inside a reserve where sloths, caimans, iguanas, and boys all live in harmony. Though we’re not sure just how much harmony you might want with a caiman. [Details]

Rosewood Mayakoba Riviera Maya Resort

Rosewood Mayakoba Riviera Maya Resort

In addition to luxurious furnishings, the Deluxe Overwater Lagoon Suite offers spectacular views of the lagoon and mangroves, as well as a plunge pool and outdoor shower garden. Retaining harmony with nature and past, the suites are made from materials indigenous to the area, and the resort steeped in Mayan culture and tradition. No, not the ritual sacrifice of strangers, they cut that one out. Pretty sure they did. Ok, we’ll check. [Details]

Hilton Bora Bora Nui

Hilton Bora Bora Nui

The Bora Bora Nui resort and spa is where all good things converge. From the private boat that takes you from Bora Bora to the French-Polynesian Pacific island, to the Mediterranean cuisine, idyllic blue lagoons and your private suite or villa over the water, it’s all that you’d expect from the Hilton and so much more. For example, the beaches like powdered cocaine, and prices to match. [Details]

Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa

The one-bedroom villas at Anantara Dubai are the ultimate in pampered overwater luxury. If the infinity pool, sunsets, private dining, the glass viewing panel built into the floor or the oversize tub don’t get her attention, you may need to call on the on-hand personal villa hosts, who are ready to fulfil every desire. Yes, that would be every desire. [Details]

L Escapade Island Resort

L’Escapade Island Resort

Australia, where men are men, and women aren’t to be messed with either. Here’s where you wrestle alligators, surf with Great Whites, rub shoulders with venomous creatures, and disappear into the Outback. Sometimes for good. Unfortunately, we haven’t found an overwater bungalow in Australia. But Lescapade is just 2 hours from Brisbane, smack dead center of the Pacific. About as far from anything as it’s possible to get. If it’s remote you’re after, based solely on how difficult this was to find on a map, this is the spot. It’s got scuba diving, kite surfing, snorkeling, and it’s gorgeous. Can we say gorgeous? [Details]

Aitutaki Resort and Spa

Aitutaki Resort & Spa

The only overwater bungalows of the Cook Islands, so named after first being sighted out the ship’s window by Captain Cook’s chef as he roasted wild boar on a spit while everyone else was asleep. Get naked at the open air shower of your bungalow’s private walled bathroom garden. Swim in the waters of the Aitutaki lagoon. This is one of the world’s most mesmerizing places, as close to heaven as you can get without actually snuffing it. Remember to put your clothes back on before dinner. [Details]

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