Rustic Treehouse Cabin in Colorado

No matter how old we get, our love for treehouses never seems to fade. The problem is most treehouses are built for children, but not this one in Vail, Colorado.

Designed by architect Missy Brown, this is a real deal, adult orientated, elevated living space in the middle of the great outdoors. The tiny getaway is anchored to a 90 foot spruce tree on the owner’s property, and has been stabilized by several fallen/dead pine trees for extra support. The spiral stair case leads right to the front door, where guests are welcomed with an open living space. There’s a sleeping quarters and writing desk, but the real treat is the rooftop patio – perfect for popping open a cold one on a hot summer day. To combat the cold temperatures in Colorado, Missy installed an electrical baseboard that will help keep the timber tiny home warm.

Treehouse Cabin in Colorado 2

Treehouse Cabin in Colorado 3

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