M37 Howitzer Tank for Sale

Ya never know what that sneaky Vladimir Putin’s gonna try next. Don’t risk getting caught off guard by a Russian invasion. Get yourself a tank. Now. This one.

Originally built in 1945 by American Car and Foundry, this fully functional M37 Tank with a working 105mm Howitzer and .50cal M2HB machine gun was used as a training vehicle through the mid-1950s before it went on display in Sioux City, Iowa. A thorough restoration took place in the mid-90s, and now it’s ready to roll. It seats 7, weighs 23 tons, has a max speed of 35 mph, and is actually powered by twin Cadillac Series 44T4 16 cylinder (8 per engine) power plants that turn out a total of 220hp. With an estimated worth between $200,000 and $250,000, the M37 will be sold at the Auctions America ‘The Littlefield Collection’ auction on July 11 and 12. [Purchase]

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