Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards By PJ McQuade

The burden weighing heavily on us men right now is great. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and not only are we expected to recognize this devious day with a plethora of gifts and a loving smile, but we’re also counted on to be unique with it. Well, if she wants unique, she’ll get it—in the form of these soul-touching Star Wars Valentine’s Day cards from New York illustrator PJ McQuade.

There’s Yoda — scraggly stray hairs and all — as Cupid; Darth Vader floating a rose; and the smoothest space lover of them all, Lando Calrissian, making bedroom eyes in front of a large heart-shaped window to the stars. The creativity shown with your card choice will likely allow you to just coast by with some Arbor Mist and a box of Whitman’s and still get some sweet V-Day lovin’. [Purchase]

Star Wars Valentines Day Cards 2

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