Mini Museum: Rare Specimens Entombed In Resin

It’s a crying shame, but not since the days of Fred Flintstone has a man been able to keep a proper piece of fossilized dinosaur dung on his office desk and not have HR throw a hissy fit. If you’d like the return of a little culture to your workspace, check out this awesome Mini Museum.

It’s a “portable collection of curiosities,” and curator/designer Hans Fex says every item is authentic, including the oldest matter ever collected, Mummy wrap, rocks from Mt. Everest, Trinitite, coal from the Titanic, and even a piece of the Apollo 11 command module. Hans says he’s been working on this project for 35 years, acquiring the pieces from specialists recommended to him by museum curators, research scientists and university historians. Each mini museum is handcrafted and individually numbered. Yes, handcrafted dinosaur poop; you heard us correctly. Watch the video below. [Kickstarter]

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