In1 Multi-Tool iPhone Case

As many apps that are out there, sometimes it takes more than software to tackle a hard problem. Ever try removing a splinter with Angry Birds or Flappy Bird or Fly Birdie? Makes you wanna give somebody the bird. The IN1 iPhone case comes packed with a smorgasbord of tools inside the case itself, instantly making you ready for any real-life crap that goes down, which so often is indeed the direction that crap goes.

The IN1 includes a phillips screwdriver; flat-head screwdriver; tweezers; scissors; nail file; toothpick; kickstand; and for the Matrix lovers out there, both a blue pen and red pen. All of the tools are TSA-compliant, so don’t worry about getting molested at the airport checkout line. The case’s polycarbonate exterior and felt interior offer just the right mix of rugged and gentle in the right spots—unlike the TSA. [Purchase]

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