DinghyGo Inflatable Sailboat

Everyone wants to own a sailboat, but not everyone has the space (or money) to acquire one. Thankfully the team at DinghyGo knows the feeling, and have introduced their solution in the Inflatable Sailboat.

Outfitted with a 9-foot sail, this inflatable raft can be transported in any car trunk, and is ready to hit the water in less than 5 minutes. Maybe you prefer an outboard motor? No problem. The DinghyGo can be outfitted with a 8 horsepower motor out back, and can even be used as a rowboat with paddles if you so choose. The boat can comfortably carry up to 4 people, with a total of weight of roughly 1,100 pounds. [Purchase]

DinghyGo Inflatable Sailboat 2

DinghyGo Inflatable Sailboat 3

DinghyGo Inflatable Sailboat 4

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