Cardiff Skates

Attempting to create a modern day version of the old-school skates from our younger years, the California based brand at the Cardiff Skate Company introduces their ingenious Cardiff Skates.

Fusing roller blades with strap-on skates, Cardiff Skates let you strap on a set of wheels anytime, any place. Equipped with 3 wheels (and a 4th used exclusively braking), the skates provide top notch control and maneuverability, making weaving in and out of pedestrians on the way to work a breeze – and talk about efficiency. The skates use a ski-boot inspired ratcheting binding system that give the skates the ability to mold to nearly any footwear. There are 2 sizes available, both of which retail for about $160. Check out the video below. [Via | Purchase]

Cardiff Skates 1

Cardiff Skates 2

Cardiff Skates 3

Cardiff Skates 4

Cardiff Skates 5

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