This Porsche 911 Safari Gets An Extra 150HP With A Hybrid-Electric System

When we hear that a car is “the best of both worlds” we often dismiss that title as a marketing ploy, as it is not often that we see vehicles deliver on both ends of any spectrum. Vonnen and Kelly-Moss have set out to change our minds with their hybrid-powered 2014 Porsche Turbo S 911 Safari, which combines the instant torque of an electric with the driving experience only found in a Porsche.

With the donor vehicle for the project already providing impressive stats, the unique variable in this build comes via the Vonnen Shadow Drive hybrid drive system which adds an electric motor between the existing powerplant and transmission. This upgrade adds 150 hp and 150 ft-lb of torque that kicks in supplemental power throughout the acceleration cure, boosting the performance at high and low speeds, while still keeping all of the original engine growl. Kelly-Moss found it fitting to also boost the intake with Xona rotor turbos, slapped on a new set of Braid Winrace T wheels wrapped in Yokohama tires, and a Motion Control Suspension coil-over package get this 911 Safari prepped for some serious off-road fun.

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