2014 Honda Valkyrie

2014 Honda Valkyrie 1
The original Honda Valkyrie, with its 1996 – 2003 run, was unique; sort of a muscle cruiser mash-up thanks to its horizontally-opposed flat-six engine being housed in a V-twin segment. Now Honda’s ready to mash a little more. The new Valkyrie is based around a Goldwing-sourced engine; an 1832cc liquid-cooled six-cylinder to be exact. The catch here — and it’s a good catch — is that the Valkyrie tiptoes onto the scales at a svelte 750 lbs. That should mean frightfully good acceleration.

Factor in the rear Pro Arm single-side swingarm with adjustable Pro-Link single shock, low center of gravity (28.8 inches off the pavement), LED headlight and taillight, digital LCD instruments, and customizable seating, and you can see why Honda will be tempting more than few wallets in April for a price expected to be below $18,000. [Purchase]

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