2014 Honda Valkyrie By H Garage

At this point, there are some clear favorite starter bikes that customizers love to work on (we’re looking at you, BMW R-Series). And then there are some that most shops wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. The Honda Valkyrie sits squarely in the latter category. But that didn’t stop Kentucky-based H Garage from taking a 2014 example it to task and turning it into the beauty you see before you.

Now, not everything needed to be changed on this beefy bike — H Garage kept the original 1832cc engine, fuel cell, frame, suspension, and wheels. But much of the rest of it is now unrecognizable in the best ways possible. This new stripped-down streetfighter boasts a new steel tank (modeled on paper and clay before being custom manufactured), a completely revamped front end with a new digital cockpit, LED lights on the front and back, Biltwell bars, customized Borla exhaust tips, and a hell of a lot more. We’re not entirely sure what Judge Dredd rides in his time off-duty, but we imagine it must look something like this dystopian beast.

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