2014 Honda Grom

2014 Honda Grom

2014 Honda GromTaking a break from the custom full sized motorcycles we feature daily, the 2014 Honda Grom is the perfect bike for a first timer, yet still fun enough for the most experienced riders.

With a seat that sits just over 2 feet off the ground, this little thing was built with recreation in mind. Although it’s small, the 125cc fuel injected motor really powers the 225 pound 2 wheeler nicely. Honda never shies away from technology either, equipping this thing with LED tail lights, hydraulic brakes, and other goodies you wouldn’t normally find on such a small vehicle. The Honda Grom starts at $3,000 with a handful of different options available. Watch the video below.

2014 Honda Grom 1

2014 Honda Grom 2

2014 Honda Grom 3

2014 Honda Grom 4