RearViz Rearview Bike Mirror

Seeing what’s behind you is just as vital as keeping your eyes on the road ahead while cycling. The problem is, how can you keep tabs on where you’ve been without taking your focus off where you’re going? The RearViz adds the same functionality of your automobile’s rearview mirrors right to your bicycle.

The Australian based design team have created an ergonomic wrist band that has been outfitted with a convex mounted mirror, perfect for seeing what’s creeping up behind you without ever having to turn around. Seeing that the weather proof armband mounts right to your forearm, you don’t have to worry about road vibration affecting what you’re seeing in the mirror. RearViz is available in a handful of colors, and the brand plans on adding new functionalities to the rearview mirror in the future. [Via]

RearViz Rearview Bike Mirror 2

RearViz Rearview Bike Mirror 3

RearViz Rearview Bike Mirror 4

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