Kano DIY Computer Kit

There’s no better way to learn something than to do it yourself. Forget sitting on the sidelines while big brands like Apple and HP build your computer, the Kano DIY Computer Kit lets you be a player in the game, providing you all the necessary components needed to build a fully functional computer.

We barely had access to computers during our childhood years, but these days brands like Kano are looking to empower the younger generation with products just like this. This computer and coding kit lets you assemble your very own computer, make games, learn code, and it’s as easy as playing with LEGO building blocks. The project has raised nearly $1 million on Kickstarter, and is looking to hit the retail scene during January of 2014 for about $100. Watch the video below. [Purchase]

Kano DIY Computer Kit 2

Kano DIY Computer Kit 3

Kano DIY Computer Kit 4

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