Goji Play: Video Games While You Do Cardio

For all that running and jumping Mario does, he really never gets into good shape, does he? No wonder Princess Peach is always ducking him. Don’t settle for a Mario body, burn off those fried mushrooms with Goji Play. This is a system that lets you play video games as you run on the treadmill or work the elliptical.

Just attach the wireless controllers to your cardio equipment (or hold them in your hands), clip on the activity sensor, then get cracking. The library of games and apps is growing and most of them are free. The game also tracks your fitness metrics, letting you see your stats in real time. You can also set up multiple user accounts, so each member of your household can work toward their own goals. Take note though; Goji only gets down with the iPad 3 and above, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Generation, or iPhone 4s and above. Purchase your Goji Play from the Amazon online store. [Via]
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