Flower Shell: Shoots Flower Seeds Instead of Bullets

The shotgun shell: a raw, powerful taker of life. The Flower Shell: a raw, powerful giver of life. Developed by Per Cromwell at ST, a small Scandinavian creative lab, the Flower Shell is a 12 gauge shotgun shell that blasts flower seeds into the ground, across your lawn, or at a home intruder who will be very surprised to be growing neck-daisies in a couple of weeks.

Instead of lead, you can blast 12 types of seeds, including sunflower, lavender, carnation, and more. Although the amount of gunpowder has been reduced and adjusted to fit the different seeds, the makers say the Flower Shell may still cause severe damage. Grab a fire hose to water the lawn and a machete to prune the bushes and you’ll be the most violent gardener of all time. [Purchase]

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