Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

All rich guys love to golf, and that includes Bruce Wayne. But what does Gotham City’s protector use when he hits the golf course? A Batman Tumbler Golf Cart of course.

Originally starting life as an EZ-Go golf cart, this Batcart has been completely revamped from top to bottom. The cart was literally stripped down to nothing, and rebuilt on a $30,000 budget. The rebuild includes everything from a new go-cart motor and anti-theft kill switch to amenities like a built-in iPad stand and adjustable leather seats. Yup, this thing’s got it all. Sure, it probably won’t improve your golf game, but it will make you look pretty cool on the course, and we think that’s worth the $17,500 price tag. [Purchase]

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart 1

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart 3

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart 4

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