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Try and tell a kid that a particularly quiet area is “like a ghost town,” and they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about– it’s a dated reference. But switch that metaphor to “as empty as a library,” and they’ll instantly nod in agreement. Yes, libraries are hurting. But we need them and their invaluable wealth of knowledge and stories. So what to do? Trap the kids with a net. A massive net.

The Reading Net from Playoffice is a large mesh net designed to be suspended from the railings of a lofted path in your home or the local library, creating a cool place for kids to get lost in literature. Combining kids and a giant in a library is some pretty outside-the-box thinking, but we still might add a cushy gym mat underneath it all– just in case they get a little rambunctious after polishing off Gulliver’s Travels. [Via]

Playoffice Reading Net 2

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