Gramohorn II: 3D-Printed Acoustic Smartphone Speaker

Acoustic smartphone speakers are something that have become a popular trend in recent years, but 3D-printed acoustic speakers? Now that’s a new concept. Created by designer Justin Wolter, the Gramohorn II is a 3D-printed, non-electric speaker system.

Designed specifically for the HTC One smartphone (although we’re hoping he eventually puts out one for the Apple iPhone as well), this beautiful speaker takes on vintage design elements while being infused with modern day technology – 3D printing that is. The speakers will be available in ultra limited quantities, and to ensure that no more will be made, Wolter will be deleting all the files associated with the Gramaohorn II speaker. The system is made from a composite material that can be finished with any color of your choice. [Purchase]

Gramohorn II 2

Gramohorn II 3

Gramohorn II 4

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