Meindl Spike Boots: Winter Boots with Retractable Spikes

While most winter boots provide plenty of traction under light snow conditions, the skid proof surface won’t do much for you when it comes to slippery black ice. The Meindl Spikes Boots provide an excellent solution for cold climate dwellers, offering a winter boot that comes equipped with retractable spikes.

Strap-on spikes have been around for ages, but let’s be honest, they’re not the most practical way to combat icy, slippery surfaces when you’re on the go. These high quality winter boots feature spikes integrated into the outsole of the shoe that can be deployed in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is twist the dial located near the heel area, and out comes a set six spikes crafted from ultra durable tungsten carbide metal. Before you hop back into the car, turn the dial again, and you’re back to a pair of durable winter boots. [Purchase]

Meindl Spikes Boots 2

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