The Living Cube: Apartment Storage System

We all know the drill when it comes to living in the city. Sure there is a ton of stuff to do downtown; bars, restaurants, parks, entertainment literally surrounds you. The problem is that you often sacrifice space for living in the heart of the city.

Till Konneker decided that he was going to do something about the lack of space in his downtown dwelling, creating the Living Cube. Just as you would imagine from the name, this hand built “cube” stores everything from his television and wardrobe all the way down to his vinyl collection, and even has a bed on top. As if that wasn’t enough functionality, the Living Cube opens up to reveal a massive storage closet. Unfortunately the unit is not for sale, but as DIY enthusiasts ourselves, this has really inspired us to get moving. [via Inthralld]

The Living Cube Apartment Storage 2

The Living Cube Apartment Storage 3

The Living Cube Apartment Storage 4

The Living Cube Apartment Storage 5

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