Brakeboard Trucks: Disc Brakes for Longboard Skateboards

Skilled skateboarders have no issues when it comes to performing high speed foot braking and power slides to control their downhill speed while cruising on a longboard, but for beginner riders, the Brakeboard Trucks could be the perfect solution.

Created by Australia based designer Banjamin Newman, the setup is essentially a pair of disc brakes for your longboard skateboard. It’s taken Newman nearly 10 years to dial in the design details, but over the past 12 months he believes he’s finally perfected the setup. The entire braking system is self contained within the rear truck, so you can install the truck onto any deck or wheels. To use the brakes, simply apply body pressure to the pedal with your foot, and the Brakeboard will slow the board in a controlled manner, ensuring that you don’t flat spot your wheels. The best part is that the brake pedal is completely removable, so you can take it off during freestyle sessions, and there’s even a carbon ceramic upgrade kit available. Watch the video below and support the project on Kickstarter.

Brakeboard Trucks 2

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