Rappers & Cereal: Hip Hop Cereal Boxes

Although it seems a bit far-fetched to see Kanye West joining the ranks of Cap’n Crunch with his own cereal (see The Breakfast of God), it’s certainly an interesting concept to entertain.

The creative geniuses behind the hilarious Rappers & Cereal have taken many of our favorite rappers, and given them their very own cereal brands (Yeezy included).  Corn Pops have been reimagined as Corn Pacs with Tupac Shakur throwing up the west coast, Froot Loops have been transformed into Snoop Dogg’s own Snoop Loops, and Jay-Z lets us know that of his 99 problems, fiber isn’t one thanks to his Jigga Jacks. If we had to pick a favorite, it would definitely have to be the Gucci Mane Gucci Grahams complete with the “Burreakfast” tagline above the the ad. Check out some of the cereal boxes below.

Rappers Cereal 1

Rappers Cereal 2

Rappers Cereal 3

Rappers Cereal 4

Rappers Cereal 5

Rappers Cereal 6

Rappers Cereal 7

Rappers Cereal 8

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