Kevo iPhone Operated Door Lock

Kevo iPhone Operated Door Lock

We’ve seen a few attempts at smartphone activated door locks over the years, and it looks like the Kevo iPhone Operated Door Lock has all the necessary ingredients to become a household item.

Like some of the products we’ve featured in the past, the Kevo was originally introduced on ABC’s The Shark Tank, and has since been picked up by the team at Kwikset. Forget using normal keys ever again. Keep your iPhone in your pocket, walk up to the door, place your finger on the lock, and you’re in. The ring around the lock communicates with your iPhone via Bluetooth, and the blue ring will illuminate once you’re within range, changing to green once you’ve unlocked the door. Other nifty features include a key fob, along with the option to send electronic keys to family and friends (that can later be deleted). Expect to see this thing land on the retail scene this summer with a price tag hovering around $250.

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