Flat-Packed Lasso Slippers (3)

Flat-Packed Lasso Slippers

Everyone needs slippers, but some of us are looking for something a bit more basic than what’s currently available, and it doesn’t get more basic then the Flat-Packed Lasso Slippers.

Constructed from a single piece of wool felt, these slippers bring on a whole new meaning to the word minimalistic. The slippers are crafted from nothing but natural materials including leather, cotton and the previously mentioned wool. The Lasso comes completely flat, and can easily be put together with the provided laces. Which we might add you pick out whatever color you’d like. These simple to assemble slippers mold to your feet the more you wear them making them more comfortable with each passing day. Support the project now on Kickstarter.

Flat-Packed Lasso Slippers (2)

Flat-Packed Lasso Slippers (1)

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