Batman Chess Set

Batman Chess Set

Although Batman inspired merchandise has always been a hot commodity, and it would be unfair to see that Christopher Nolan’s recently released The Dark Knight trilogy didn’t play a huge part in the resurgence of the classic comic book character.

Easily one of the best pieces of Batman gadgetry we’ve ever encountered, this Batman Chess Set is a DC Comics’ fan ultimate collectible piece. The board is extremely detailed, and is constructed from both fine pewter and diecast metal. The pieces are of course all characters from the Batman comics including the likes of Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and of course Batman and Robin among others. Our favorite part of the set is real working bat symbol that illuminates the entire board in 50 LED lights, and even emits a real bat signal into the sky above. Expect to pay up for this pony though, as the Batman chess set will set you back a cool $800 from The Noble Collection online store. [Via]

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