2013 Ducati Monster 696 by Vida Bandida

With a passion for both rally racing and building killer bike customizations from their Córdoba workshop in Argentina, the good folk over at Vida Bandida decided it was time to blend these two pastimes together as one. So, with a 2013 Ducati Monster 696 at the helm, clearly there was no better canvas for the project than this mean dirt tracker.

To get started, owners Tocho and Salvador took inspiration from the Lancia Stratos HF – a car that some believe to be the most iconic rally ride around. From here, factory parts were stripped to help showcase the trellis frame and engine block. Also, it’s wouldn’t be a proper tribute without a pair of glowing Hella spotlights up front. From this stripped-down approach, the Ducati then received that iconic red, white and green Lancia treatment and a pair of knobby off-road tires were added to the mix as well. The tail was also reworked, now boasting an upward stance that blends seamlessly with the frame, tail and brake lights. Finally, the exhaust was given an aggressive upgrade as well – now featuring a four-sided tip finish – to complete the dirt shredding rally tribute built for the Argentinian backcountry.

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