2013 Conquest Evade

2013 Conquest Evade (3)

2013 Conquest EvadeWe know what you’re thinking, and yes these are the same geniuses behind the incredible Knight XV Fully Armored SUV. Unlike it the Knight XV though, the new Conquest Evade is unarmored and is ready for daily driving.

Built atop a rugged Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis, think of this tank like vehicle is a more expensive, already pricey Hummer H1. This vehicle means business packed with luxury amenities like 2+2 limousine style seating, laptop trays, three sunroofs, commercial grade air ride suspension in both the front and back of the vehicle,  and even 360 degree, roof mounted, joy stick controlled search lights. Back to the expensive part we mentioned earlier, this thing will hit the scene at a cool $580,000 later this year.

2013 Conquest Evade (1)

2013 Conquest Evade (2)