Canon Camera Lens Mug (4)

Canon Camera Lens Mug

We’ve seen several attempts at camera lens mugs in the past, but nothing has been nearly as impressive as these awesome Canon Camera Lens Mugs.

Designed to look like just like your favorite lenses, there are two different options available including your choice of either white or black. If you prefer a heavy dose of caffeine in the morning, or throughout the day for that matter, we suggest you opt for the white one as it holds 16 ounces as oppose to the 11 ounces the black mug can hold. Each mug is a 1:1 full size clone of the Canon Camera Lenses, and are heat preserving thanks to the stainless steel lining. There is also a realistic lens cap lid, and rubber grip focus to ensure no accidents. You can purchase your Canon Camera Lens Mug now at Amazon.

Canon Camera Lens Mug (3)

Canon Camera Lens Mug (2)

Canon Camera Lens Mug (1)

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