2013 Arrinera Supercar (5)

2013 Arrinera Supercar

Poland based auto maker Arrinera is rolling out a brand new supercar for 2013, and this car is definitely worth every penny of the $160,000 price tag that will plastered to the windshield.

With lines that are reminiscent of our favorite Lamborghini models, the 2013 Arrinera Supercar features plenty of sharp, aggressive angles molded from a combination of ultra lightweight, yet incredibly durable carbon fiber and Kevlar. Arrinera decided against the typical V12 offering that most supercar manufacturers place in their flagship models, and instead opted for a V8 motor pumping out an impressive 650 horsepower. The stellar power to weight ration on this supercar allows this vehicle to reach 62 mph in under 4 seconds, and can even do in total darkness thanks to the thermal camera night vision.

2013 Arrinera Supercar (4)

2013 Arrinera Supercar (3)

2013 Arrinera Supercar (2)

2013 Arrinera Supercar (1)

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