This Sinister Moto-Terminator Is A Fully-Rideable Ducati Monster

Terminator: Salvation, while ambitious, fell a bit short of fans’ expectations for the James Cameron-created sci-fi franchise. But the action-packed blockbuster wasn’t without a few gems, however hard they might be to find. Perhaps the best of them all was the two-wheeled, high-powered Moto-Terminator killing machines. And while most that appeared in the movie were created using CGI, a few were actually built with the intention of appearing in the film.

If you, like us, fell in love with the sinister, apocalyptic styling of these menacing bikes, you can now get a close and personal look at one, courtesy of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and their Hollywood Dream Machines exhibit. What’s even more impressive is that, while it looks vastly different from the donor bike, this Moto-Terminator is actually a fully-functional and rideable 2009 Ducati Monster 1100S, complete with its original 95-horsepower, four-stroke L-twin engine. And while this museum piece will likely never see the road again, it’s all the more interesting that it could actually burn some rubber if given the chance. See it for yourself now through March 15th, 2020 along with loads of other impressive sci-fi rides from across film history.

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