Driftworks Gives Lambo’s Murcielago A GT1-Inspired Road-Legal Makeover

Photos: Rich Starkey

While there are plenty of aftermarket automotive customizers whose work starts fresh from the factory, in reality, this isn’t usually the case. Instead, most builds require hundreds of hours of prep work to get the starter car ready for its final transformation, and only then can the magic begin.

Just take this Lamborghini Murciélago by Driftworks, for example. Originally painted in ‘Verde Ithica’ green and in dire need of some mechanical attention, it underwent more than two years of painstaking restoration and fabrication in order to make it the GT1-inspired masterpiece you see before you. Wearing the actual body panels from an R-GT LP640 race car — including the front bumper, the side-skirts, as well as the rear wing and diffuser — it rides on a completely redesigned front suspension setup to accommodate its low-slung 20cm (7.9in) ride height. And when it comes to the drivetrain, Driftworks has treated the 6.5L V12 to a set of carbon velocity stacks and some Reiter Engineering GT1 exhaust manifolds, a combination that boosts stock power up to 686hp. Rounded out by a six-speed manual conversion and some custom wheels by 3SDM, it’s truly a sight to behold. Click the link below for more.

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