Maria Moto Scrambles Triumph’s Bonneville Into An Angular Retro Ride

British parallel twins played an enormous role in the rise and evolution of the scrambler genre, with Bonnies and Beezers routinely being utilized for these early dual-sport projects. And though the single-cylinder dirt bike has hugely raised the bar in terms of off-road performance prowess, there’s still something to be said for the Brit twin as a basis for scrambler projects, as thoroughly evidenced by Luis Correia of the Maria Riding Company’s latest scrambler build, a 2005 Triumph Bonneville T100 that’s been transformed into what Luis has christened the “OUTLAW.”

The mid-aughts Bonnie was stripped down to a rolling chassis before receiving a custom subframe that supports a modified take on a traditional scrambler saddle, perfectly feeding into a flat-bottomed tank off of an old RD400 two-stroker. A circular headlight, aluminum rear fender, and side number boards all help to push the build squarely into classic scrambler territory, while a perforated skid plate, LSL bars, knobby tires, and a custom stainless steel exhaust system all give the Triumph a more modern feel while seriously upping its off-road abilities. After thoroughly putting it through its paces in the dirt, Luis finished off the project with a custom livery and the necessary bits needed to achieve road-legal status.

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