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You Could Own This 1-Of-1 Porsche Carrera ‘GT-R’ Street-Legal Race Car

When Porsche first unveiled the Carrera GT back in 2000, it was little more than a production pipe dream. Born out of a shelved effort to create a Le Mans-winning race car — the LMP2000 — the supercar concept didn’t actually hit the assembly line until 2004. Even then, it was eventually killed off due to safety regulations.

However, now you have the opportunity to purchase a one-of-one Carrera GT track car. Dubbed the ‘GT-R,’ it’s been outfitted with a host of performance parts to reconnect it with its racing roots. Under the hood, the naturally-aspirated 5.7L V10 has seen a sizable boost from its stock 612hp, now producing an impressive 650hp. And in order to ensure that it has tight handling on the track, it’s been given tailor-made wishbones and push-rod suspension, an integrated air lift system, as well as a set of magnesium BBS rims. Add to that a Motec control unit, an interior roll cage, an automatic fire extinguisher, as well as a homologation-spec fuel system, and it’s pretty clear where the previous owner’s €220,000 ($270,000) went in the conversion. But the best part is that despite its race-ready upgrades, this Carrera GT is still completely road legal. You can own it for $1,043,000.

Purchase: $1,043,000