The 750HP Merkury 4 Is Chief Designer Camilo Pardo’s Favorite Ford GT

For Ford’s famous GT, a life of unerring destiny has caused it to become one of the most legendary race vehicles to ever be produced in the United States. The company’s iconic car has brandished its fangs as the newly envisioned successor to the 1960-based GT40 that inspired it, bringing many of the same classic design principles to the table as its predecessor. Now, an exceptionally rare 2005 GT has been listed for sale by Hemmings — a Merkury 4 custom variant fostered by the vehicle’s very own chief designer, Camilo Pardo.

While the aforementioned Merkury 4 might seem like a one-of-a-kind chassis, it began its life as a solid red “three option,” fully removed from the bespoke facade that you see here. It wasn’t long before the car was shipped to Detroit to undergo an extensive customization process by the father of the 2002 concept GT, Camilo Pardo, who would oversee the entirety of its renovation. As the third of the eight Camilo Signature Series vehicles, the GT was given its own Mirrachrome paint job, fluorescent orange Gulf livery, and satin black rondels. The original 550-horsepower output was boosted to a mind-numbing 725, thanks to the implementation of a second generation Whipple Supercharger and GTG cold air intake kit. On the exterior, a GTG bumper delete reveals the car’s ceramic-coated Ford racing exhaust, while HRE center lock rims, Penske triple adjustable shocks, and clamshell vents give the GT a look all its own. The Merkury 4 was named Pardo’s “favorite signature GT” before establishing an even greater reputation as the 2015 “Best in Show” at the 10th Annual Ford GT National Rally in Detroit. With only 4,000 miles on the modern classic’s odometer, the negotiable asking price of $750,000 seems like quite the steal. If you’re interested, head to Hemmings’ website for more information.

Purchase: $750,000