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This Immaculate 2002 Mercedes-Benz G500 Pickup Is A Customized Unicorn

When was the last time you’ve seen a Mercedes-Benz G500 Custom Pickup? If you’re like us, you probably took a second or two to rifle through your automotive filing cabinet. Not only are these platforms inherently rare, but they’ve become an endangered species within the world of high-end restoration, thanks to a dwindling supply of donor bodies. Luckily, the unicorn of the Mercedes lineup has decided to show its face on one of the world’s foremost auction and sale sites, Gooding & Co.

The 2002 Mercedes-Benz G500 Custom Pickup that you see here is an immaculate specimen that’s slated for an exclusive, online-only sale from August 3-7. Information surrounding this specific pickup is relatively sparse, but after careful consideration, we’ve surmised that the sleek four-door model has likely been pampered for much of its life. It looks to have retained the 416-horsepower, twin-turbo V8 petrol engine of its less-customized counterpart, giving it all the gumption needed to pound the pavement, or head off-grid for the weekend. Naturally, the G500’s enhanced stature, clearance, and off-road rubber make it an attractive trail warrior, but if you’re looking to take this supreme rendition off the well-beaten path, you might want to spend the money on a psychiatric unit, instead. Head to Gooding & Co.’s website for a closer look.

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