Mr. Martini Is Selling His Custom NOS-Boosted Triumph Sprint Racing Moto

One of the many perks of being a top-level custom motorcycle builder is that in-between client-commissioned projects, you get to create your own personal bespoke rides. So, when legendary Italian bike builder, (Nicola) Mr. Martini needed a machine to campaign at European drag events like Wild Days and the Sultans Of Sprint, the Verona-based builder turned to a 2001 Triumph Legend TT to transform into a bonkers, purpose-built, nitrous-boosted drag racer.

Dubbed “BOB,” the British triple now sports a fiberglass tail section and half-fairing, and a 17” front wheel, brakes, carbon front fender, clip-ons, and inverted forks all off of a late-model Suzuki GSX-R1000 superbike. The original rear wheel has also been swapped-out for an inertia-reducing carbon fiber rim. Making the 885cc triple competitive is a custom nitrous-oxide-boost system with a controller and NOS tank now housed under the build’s 1980’s GP-inspired tail-piece. The NOS system has also been paired with a bespoke three-into-one exhaust ending in a Supertrapp can. After a season of fun at the races, Mr. Martini is now seeking a new home for his boosted BOB, and has listed the bike for sale on his website which can be visited below for further info or to request pricing.

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