2,000HP Ford GT By Heffner Performance

The Ford GT is one of the most famous tuning platforms in the recent decade, and earlier this year, one specific second-gen GT was thrust into the spotlight thanks to its absurd 1,000 horsepower engine. Now, Heffner Performance, the team behind the original build, has garnered even more attention from the automotive world with their insane new tuning package for the car, promising over 2,000-horsepower with their Stage 2 build.

The tuner’s original 975-horsepower Stage 1 package was thrown to the wayside for this updated build, which features a significantly upgraded 3.5L twin-turbo Ford Ecoboost engine that tops out around a monstrous 2,000-horsepower. The 2,029 PS, 1,492 kW supercar is even said to be completely street legal, destroying any and all competition in the ¼ mile and ½ mile racing bracket, and boasts more raw, unrelenting power than a Bugatti Chiron. For an undisclosed price, Heffner’s Stage 2 package can be yours — but you’ll have to get a hold of the company for further inquiry.

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