Harley-Davidson Sportster ‘XX Tracker’

All Photos: Rob Hamilton

There’s been a lot of talk about Harley-Davidson’s newest releases, as they’re tackling parts of the market the brand has never entered before – like the release of their first electric bike. But let’s not forget what made them famous: their sportsters. And while this 2000 model was alright off the lot, we’re floored by how Gasoline Motor Company managed to transform it into the flat tracker you see before you.

Mutated from a highway hell-raiser into a dirt demon, this ambitious built required a hefty number of modifications – including giving it a new handmade fiberglass tank and tail, a new Hi-Tech Mufflers exhaust system, refitted forks, custom-tuned Nitron shocks, and the application of an understated black and white color scheme. And that’s just the start of it – as there are countless tweaks and changes that made this bike into the corner killer you see before you today. Nice work, Gasoline Motor Co.

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