Tea Time: The 20 Coolest Tea Infusers

Dec 4, 2019

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Tea drinkers already know that you’ll need a good tea infuser in order to enjoy your favorite loose leaf tea. Most of them also know that there’s a seemingly endless number of options out there when it comes to selecting the “best” one. It’s no surprise though really, considering that after water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage on the planet. Originally invented by the Chinese as a medicinal drink, tea continues to be promoted today for its positive health benefits ranging from its ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease to its ability to help with weight control.

Whether you prefer green tea or black tea, a cup in the morning, or a cup before bed, it all comes back to that essential tea infuser. You’re going to need one (at least if you want to use loose tea leaves). So why not have some fun when it comes to picking out your infuser? Find something that’s going to help get the conversation started at your next get together, or just something that brings a smile to your face with each and every cup. We’ve taken the time to sift through all of the options on the market, rounding up the 20 coolest tea infusers out there. All you have to do is hit the purchase button.

Death Star Tea Infuser

1. Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

Let’s kick this list off right. Our personal favorite infuser on the list, this thing was designed to look just like a mini Death Star. There’s even a Tie Fighter on the other end to help anchor the infuser to the outside of your mug. The Death Star infuser is constructed from stainless steel, and is officially licensed. [Purchase]

Sharky Tea Infuser

2. Sharky Tea Infuser

Give your cup of tea the Jaws effect with this bad boy. The silicone constructed fin floats above the water, while the “blood” (the blood is actually tea) flows from the bottom end. [Purchase]

Mister Tea Infuser

3. Mister Tea Infuser

The design team at Fred & Friends make some of the most creative products on the planet, and this is one of our favorites. This little guy will provide you with some company on those lonely nights, just lounging across the top of your glass. [Purchase]

Tovolo TeaGo Infuser

4. Tovolo TeaGo Infuser

More than just your average tea infuser, this is also a portable tea press that allows you to bring your tea with you, everywhere you go. Pack the air tight hug with your favorite tea leaves, and use the air tight plunger for perfect flavor enhancing extraction. All you need to do is provide the hot water. [Purchase]

Deep Tea Diver Tea Strainer

5. Deep Tea Diver Tea Strainer

Clever name, and a cool product. Crafted from LSR platinum silicone, this little diver has been outfitted with an oxygen tank for easy mug extraction when your tea is steeped to your liking. [Purchase]

Kinto Loop Tea Strainer

6. Kinto Loop Tea Strainer

A bit more modern and sleek than many of the other offerings on the list, this beauty has won Kinto several design awards. The minimalist design not only looks great, but it allows you to scoop your tea without the use of a teaspoon. Simply scoop up your loose leaves, slide the top closed, and dip it right into your cup. [Purchase]

Teatanic Unsinkable Tea Infuser

7. Teatanic Unsinkable Tea Infuser

This creative play on the iconic Titanic is quite awesome to say the least. Simply fill the hull with loose tea leaves, and throw the food-safe silicone constructed ship right into your cup. It’s even dishwasher safe. [Purchase]

Robot Tea Infuser

8. Robot Tea Infuser

What could be cooler than a robot in your tea? Made from stainless steel, this little guy features fully adjustable arms to fit your tea mug perfectly, and even includes a drip tray for when your tea is steeped. [Purchase]

T-Rex Tea Infuser

9. T-Rex Tea Infuser

Okay, so maybe a dinosaur could be cooler than a robot. Shaped just like a tiny t-rex, this silicone infuser comes with a chain leash for hanging. It’s worth noting that this thing is hand wash only, so don’t go throwing it in the dishwasher. [Purchase]

Rocket Tea Infuser

10. Rocket Tea Infuser

Made from durable stainless steel, this rocket ship shaped infuser is out of this world. Like many of the other options on the list, this thing comes with a hanging chain and drip tray. [Purchase]

Teatube Test Tube Tea Infuser

11. Teatube Test Tube Tea Infuser

Perfect for the budding scientist in the family (who also happens to love tea), this glass infuser has been outfitted with a wooden handle, and is of course shaped like a test tube. [Purchase]

Manatea Infuser

12. Manatea Infuser

Everyone’s favorite Florida native wants to share a hot cup of tea with you. Created by the team at Fred & Friends, this silicone rubber constructed infuser is shaped like a lovable manatee. [Purchase]

Cliff The Climber Tea Infuser

13. Cliff The Climber Tea Infuser

Probably the only infuser that doesn’t want to be stuck in your glass, Cliff is using his pick to climb his way right out. This one’s also made from stainless steel, and includes a drip tray. [Purchase]

Whale Tea Infuser

14. Whale Tea Infuser

Another friendly sea creature to add to the list, WHALE was designed by Dominik Gmeiner. The front (the head) of the whale detaches to expose the infuser, while the tail end of the whale stays propped at the end of your glass. [Purchase]

Tongue Tea Infuser

15. Tongue Tea Infuser

This is definitely the tea infuser Gene Simmons would love to have in his kitchen. Performing the same iconic move as the Kiss rockstar, this mouth and tongue shaped infuser is made from food safe silicone rubber. [Purchase]

Chefn Tea Leaf Tea Infuser 1

16. Chef’n Tea Leaf Tea Infuser

Inspired by flower pots, this infuser is most certainly a fan favorite. Just like at the reviews. Pour your tea leaves into the micro-perforated stainless steel basket, snap on the stemmed lid, and drop the whole plant and pot into your cup of hot water to begin the steeping process. Chef’n even designed the product to be dishwasher safe. [Purchase]

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

17. Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

Beatles fans will most certainly appreciate this one. Shaped just like a tiny, yellow colored submarine, all you have to do is pop open the vessel, place your tea leaves inside, secure and submerge. [Purchase]

Squirrel Tea Infuser

18. Squirrel Tea Infuser

Who doesn’t love watching the squirrels through the window in the mornings? Now that little critter can join you each and every day, steeping your tea with his massive tail. [Purchase]

Sweet Leaf Tea Infuser 1

19. Sweet Leaf Tea Infuser

Inspired by the tea leaf itself, this heat resistant infuser comes backed with a lifetime guarantee. Simply pop open the silicone leaf, toss your loose tea leaves into the stainless steel cup, secure, and you’re ready to steep. [Purchase]

Mr T Tea Bags

20. Mr. T. Tea Bags

We pity the fool who doesn’t think this is the baddest tea infuser on the list. Okay so technically it’s a tea bag, and not a tea infuser. But come on, it’s shaped like Mr. T himself – complete with mohawk and gold chains. These tea bags were designed by Donkey Creative Lab. [Purchase]

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